Bookys are manufactured from wood of Slovenian origin. We offer Bookys made of walnut, maple, ash, cherry, beech and oak wood. The wood is not treated with artificial colours. Bookys are protected only with natural BIO oil based on the mixture of natural ecological oils which trigger no negative or allergic reactions on the skin.


A Booky is a wonderful gift you can give as a present to yourself and your loved ones. It is a useful and unique gift which will cheer up any bookworm or someone who only reads a book during holidays. You can give it as an individual gift or in combination with a book. It comes in a practical and pleasant package which only adds to its usefulness and visual appeal.


Bookys are handcrafted; this is why each one of them is unique. Besides handcrafting which includes multiple sanding and polishing procedures which give Booky its remarkably smooth surface, the uniqueness of each is ensured by different types and structures of wood. Each Booky is different and unique. They are produced in Slovenia where Booky also originates.