Booky in words

Simple holding – easy reading —

Booky is a functional product which enables us to easily hold a book in one hand resulting in easier and more comfortable reading. It can be used for reading in our free time or in school. It is made of different types of wood of Slovenian origin. Booky is protected with BIO oil which

protects the wood against external influences and wear. It excels in its ergonomic form — the thumb hole has the form of an ellipse which enables us to hold the book comfortably. It is produced in Slovenia where Booky also originates.

Main features / advantages of Booky:

  • made in Slovenia
  • 100% natural, made of Slovenian wood
  • handcrafted
  • protected with BIO oil
  • enables simple holding of an open book in one hand
  • enables comfortable reading also in a lying position and during various chores
  • suitable for the use at school or reading in your free time

Booky comes with a convenient elastic band so you can always keep it next to a book and don’t loose it, at the same time it also functions as a bookmark.