Terms & Conditions

General Terms and Conditions of BOOKY have been prepared in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act (ZVPot-UPB1) based on the recommendations Chamber of Commerce and international codes for e-commerce.


Booky (the “seller” or “Booky”) is operated by Tomaž Jurič. Upon registration to the system, Booky visitors acquire user name that is the same as his e-mail and a password. User name and password unambiguously define and connect the data input. By confirming registration via e-mail visitor becomes a user and obtains the right to purchase. Registration is not necessary.

General terms and conditions addresses business operation of Booky, user rights and business relationship between the seller and the customer.

The owner of Booky is Tomaž Jurič, Okrogarjeva 7, 3000 Celje, Slovenia.

Access to information
Seller is committed to always provide the customer the following information:
1.) corporate identity (name and place of business, number of registry),
2.) contact information, allowing the user quick and effective communication (e-mail, phone),
3.) the essential characteristics of the goods or services (including after sales services and guarantees),
4.) availability of products (each product or service that is offered on the site, should be available within a reasonable time),
5.) terms of delivery of products or performance of services (manner, place and time of delivery),
6.) All prices must be clearly and unambiguously defined and it must be shown whether they already include taxes and transport costs,
7.) the method of payment and delivery,
8.) the time the tender,
9.) the period within which it is possible to withdraw from the contract and conditions for withdrawal, and they are also about if and how much a buyer will pay to return the item,
10.) an explanation of the appeal process, including details of the contact person or department for customer contact.

Offer items

Due to the nature of online business Booky offer updates and changes often and quickly. Prices are presented as online prices. Price is the price to buy online in case of 100% payment by bank transfer or by credit card.


Price applies to all members and guests in Booky shop.
Prices don’t include VAT, we are not taxpayer (personally supplementary job).

Prices are valid at the time of contract award and don’t have a predetermined force. Prices are valid in the case of payment by the above methods of payment, under the above conditions. In case, or in the event that the price of the item changed during order processing, customer service will enable the cancellation of purchase, but will offer a customer service solution that will go to mutual satisfaction.

Purchase agreement between the seller and the customer is concluded at the moment when bidder confirms the order (the customer receives an email on the status of Order confirmed). From that moment, all prices and other terms are fixed and apply to the seller and the customer.

The process of shopping

1. After placing an order the buyer receives notification by e-mail that we received your order. At this stage the customer has an option to cancel the order within one hour. Customer on the web site is always provided with comprehensive data on the status and content of the contract.

2. If the order is confirmed and customer’s order is not withdrawn, the contract is further processed by a supplier – contract review, check availability of ordered products and then confirming or rejecting it. Seller may call the customer on his contact telephone number to verify the accuracy of the provided information. At approving the contract seller shall inform the customer by e-mail of the estimated delivery time. The contract to purchase the ordered products between buyers and suppliers is at this stage definitively concluded.

3. Goods shipped Within the agreed time seller does goods preparation and dispatch them and informs the buyer by e-mail. Seller in that e-mail also informs the buyer of the policy of returning the goods and who to contact in case of delays in delivery or complaints.
The right to withdraw from the purchase, return of goods.

The consumer has the right, within 15 days of receiving the to withdraw from the contract without having to provide a reason for its decision. The only cost incurred by the consumer in connection with the cancellation of the contract is the cost of returning the goods. Goods must be returned within 15 days of the filed notice of withdrawal (purchase).

Received goods must be returned undamaged and in the same quantity, unless the goods are damaged, corrupted, lost or have reduced their quantity, without fault of the consumer.

When returning items where promotional code was utilized, this means it was considered as a discount and will not be returned (returned is the amount paid), except in the event that Booky gift certificate was utilized – this is taken as a means of payment and the amount paid shall be refunded to the account user. Refund payments will be made as soon as possible, but no later than 30 days from receipt of notice of withdrawal from the contract. We perform repayments of payments to the customer’s current account.

Returning the goods to the buyer within days for withdrawal is considered to be the message of withdrawal.

Seller will deliver the goods or services within an agreed period.

Contract partners for the delivery are Post of Slovenia, but the seller retains the right to choose another delivery service if this contract may be met more effectively.
We deliver worldwide.

Thank you for visiting our shop. We wish you a good shopping! :)